Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mirror on the wall..

Large forlorn eyes stared back at me;

I wiped it clean –

The fluorescent lamp exposed the ghostly shadows in them;

And the death creeping into the pupils.

You wouldn't find the exuberance of sand castles in its depths

Just dank endless tunnels leading onto an impenetrable darkness

And I was lost in those dungeons.

The call of the ocean from afar –

I heard the sound of laughter and mirth;

The smell of fresh grass and sun-

Scratched and bruised – I had to find my way

Today I would reach the door,

The night held no fears for me.

I gazed back into those eyes

And I heard the scream, piercing the silence of my graveyard

The bright light didn’t blind me

It shot through the eyeballs and tugged at the lifeless organ;

The sudden gush of warmth dazed me

And I found my core

I delved into those layers and reached the nerve

Of those hidden desires, pleasures and bliss

Of unspoken wishes

Of the untainted truth obscured by numerous veils.

I found me –

Blushing over love ballads

Drinking in the intoxication of life.

No, that couldn’t be me!!

I prodded the silvered surface and it touched me back

With so much warmth and life

The murky mischief vexed me

The small curl at the corner of its lips filled me with wrath

Its ignorance burnt my soul in jealousy.

No, it isn’t me –

I couldn’t find the drooping eyelids

The war torn ravaged face of a defeated soul.

And yet there I was – all that I used to be

Or, all that I am, choked up by the sands of time.

I sighed.

That surreal realm is oft called an ill wind

I turned away from the mirror

From everything that I miss and rummage in corners everyday

As they retreat further into oblivion.

I wiped the foggy glass clean, to find those desolate eyes again

Pleading, sighing, giving up yet again

As I prepare to walk into another day.