Monday, May 30, 2011

A Tale of two murders

I regret to say that I had no choice

But to kill you, quell that irksome voice;

The cold stone floor eclipsed all the bliss

As I watched you fall lifelessly through the abyss

But I think, I hope, it didn’t cause much pain

After all it is a much traversed lane

For you, your dreams and your foolish hope

And the thousand sharp blades you were forced to cope

I looked at you and couldn’t bear

That unspoken torment and veiled despair

You would have died anyway

At a torpid pace, rotting a bit each day.

I feared the lament of your numb eyes

And shirked away from the echoes of your silent cries

I see the unjust creepers writhing in your inside

Plotting, scheming, blocking out the light

Of life, of love and all those songs

As you lay dying in the nights so long

Stop! I beg, please no more

In such serrated bits my heart you tore

They sting, they bite, they cut through me

And yet I’m bound despite your plea

I have to, by some means, free your soul

When the lights dim, it haunts me, that infernal ghoul

I bury your corpse with every sunrise

And a tarnished you comes back, clinging on to lies.

Fool! Begone, you own nothing here

A bit more dismembered you’ll be I fear

Why don’t you learn and stay afar

Imprison yourself in an impervious tower

The little that remains would see the light

And hide from that mirage, and the humour’s plight.

It stabs me to death, your preposterous lunacy

And we are kicked and struck by death with glee.

Forgive me! As I see no other path

I’ve come to dread your martyrdom’s aftermath

Know that with this I cease to be too

Though more lenient it is than the poison you brew

My laugh, my light, my touch would be gone

The cadaver would merely breathe in the sand and thorns

And mature to become a monster of the pit

But then, that’s just how you would fit

In these cavernous smothering tunnels of hellfire

Where numerous such demons were sired

To cage, and mock and rape fools like you

And so, I’m sorry, but I had to, I had to

As my breath recedes on the cold stone floor

And you drown away from the lifeless shore

I smile as I saved a little of you

And set the bird free against the skies so blue

To fly away from the burning bodies and hair

The shell that is left behind will survive there

A drop of your innocence is frozen in my heart

And I’m happy that you always played your part

You failed, but see, that the chains were stronger

Do what you may; you could never feed the hunger

Of the soulless men of this earth

They would suck you dry yet curse your birth.

I slaughtered you, and I plead guilty

to have saved you from the reins of an absurd slavery.

None but I would survive your loss

And find you, once I swim through this malign gloss

So, find peace in your death and in my rest

Bloom in the flowers and nap in the lost nest

Of true bliss, beauty, hidden in the alcove

Of the soft plush meadows and Love's treasure trove.