Sunday, August 15, 2010

The first chapter's last line....

A couple of hours more and I'll loose another of my favourite persons to the flow of time and the tale of life.
Hundreds of leagues away, somewhere on a different planet - the one person who I always fell back upon, who vexed me like hell, whose sluggishness drove me crazy, a devout chocaholic who never got tired of chocolates in any form, who never studied, packed nor did anything except in the last minute, who could cheer up a lost soul with her obnoxious PJs, the one who could talk of fried fish when your pet fish dies, and yet could deftly guide you through the harshest roads, and most importantly, whose confused too-much grey matter never remembers anything on time.....
It can never matter that one gets a payslip now, or that the other sits in a state of the art NYU computer lab, my heart would yearn to go back to those lanes, the streets bazaars, the pasta and the icecreams( devoured by just u..!!) sighing over out-of-reach brands and the head banging in rock concerts and crying our eyes out over Korean romantic flicks.
As the seconds of the mundane life trickle by, vivid images of the glorious past materialise in the mind's eye, with a hopeless lament of how the swiftly flowing sands couldnt be grasped and preserved forever. Terrorizing guys and late night maggi will simply never be the same ever again. Petty boundaries of distance and time cannot dissolve our bond nor dim the plethora of the wonderful memories of four splendid years. So, here's to you,my BFF, all the best wishes from the bottom of my heart, to you every success and timely food...!!
Years from now, when serendipity would bring us back together, I hope we'll have lots of foolish pranks, awful guys, silly crushes , drooling over clothes, serious mistakes and happy moments to share over a chocolate mousse and a brownie delight. Till then , the world is in peace.. :P
Best, always..!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

my note to the rebound

Flashes of the journey fade in the blurring speed
as the wheels screeched onto foreign grounds;
a new smell tugged at the senses-
of the salty waters and freshly washed earth....
so different from the thick chilly fogs and the suffocating taste of tears
different from the confused shallow streams.
The blissful greens and the temporal sea
the selfless rains and the fresh cool gale
pump blood back into a lifeless heart;
and it soars in blissful ignorance when a new sun shines-
breaking through the misery and the infinite gloom
to make flowers blossom and songs flourish.
So, i rebound to the waters running away from my feet,
to the narrow lanes winding upto a wondrous place unknown,
to the majestic cascades through a bus window,
to the loud beats private to the ears
to the rocks on the shores inspiring my words,
to escape the looming shadows of the past
the blood and the pain coursing through the soul;
I run away from the hapless chains of compromise
to search for life in the dense free wilderness...
to drink in all the liberty
to shine forth when the sun smiles on me everytime..
to hold its hands and walk by the coast
and watch the dimming horizons and the giggling stars.
And then when a tiny boat afar struggles for its existence
I rebound to the new found soils; my new home
my magical potion of amnesia
and fly freely, wildly where the heart wants..
my rebound is that sanctuary, my strait jacket
where I can hide my face and drown in silence.
But, somehow, the footsteps would be washed away
Some day, looking back, I'll still be awed by the crashing tides and the glimmering mirages
and then, it will be time to move on..
to migrate to some predestined chapter
but, you, splashed across my mind's canvas,
the brush strokes that hid my disillusions
and helped me escape the plague... will be a sacred retreat
my pillar, my sanctuary
where the salty waters and the damp earth would always bring me back to life.