Monday, September 27, 2010

Home ..

The receding memory lane in the rear view mirror narrows down into oblivion;
the familiar greens, the loving shades, that culvert
flash past speedily, melting into time
the last day all muddled up in a blur
as I leave behind my Neverland.
I've watched thousands of splendid suns
rise everyday to console my fears
Set each day to give new hope -
the wondrous moon with all its brilliance,
peeking in through my window
The twinkling stars scattered over a beautiful midnight blue
The refreshing gales rushing in through every directions.
A Harry Potter reader hid in a blanket with a torch
in the silence of a hot summer night;
the red overslept eyes in the morning -
I'd miss the lazy afternoons,
the blissful slumber enveloped in a warm rug
the terrace of my mischief, my sorrows, my grudges and mirth,
the guardian of my fearless love; of my exuberance,
of the Tulsi plant.
Of that unforgettable moment of true love.
My magic mirror which never failed to lie to me,
my beloved treasure in papyrus.
The cemented pathway of unselfish bonds, of callously wasted time,
Of irresponsible careless days and sharing of tears and joys.
I'd miss the air whooshing past my ears
the tinkle of bells, the rhythm of wheels,
the sloping campus roads beneath a bicycle;
the crunch of dry leaves in an early winter morning;
the peaceful walks beneath canopies of mammoth trees,
the enticing rainbow of seasonal blossoms,
a freshly washed horizon with sun baked clouds -
All slowly dissolve into the glorious past for a glimmer of the future through a crack in the wall.
The grass that captured a child's first steps
and the frolic of innocent caprice -
of hushed gossips in the long wee hours,
the memorable picnics in warm autumn afternoons.
I still feel the revered echoes of the dhak , and the wafting puffs of incense and sandalwood
and the way my entire world converged within those four fences - thrived, hurt, fell and rose.
Now with the retreating of the golden hours I wish I could hold on to this haven for a moment longer.
call it "home" for one more minute
As unsure steps surge me forward -
Looking back, I'll find peace in that fortress of strength and love
A place always to fall back upon-
to hide;
to revel;
to get lost in that maze of memoirs and find myself again, every time.

P.S. : this one's for mom and dad .. and all those who make my home the way it is - insane, loving and fun..!!