Monday, October 4, 2010

The Original Sin

Let me unfold a story untold-
About a li’l cherub born in a crib of gold.
She had white creamy skin and large dark eyes
Little feather hands and a smile as heavenly as sunrise;
She was brought up in a paradise of bliss
With thousands to attend to her every single wish.
Her playful fingers made clouds curl,
And her naughty feet caused rivers to bend and swirl.
The Gods showered their love upon her;
And said she would live happily very after.
An enticing creation she grew up to be
You could call her the Heaven’s crowning glory-
But destiny had other things in store;
A blooming life of blithe is not forever more..
Far away on a no man’s land
Was a shining aura, a mystic hued band,
Floating in the black mass of sky;
The sinister land isolated by citadels high.
A spark of curiosity brought the feet of qualm
Of our little cherub to the land of death and calm.
The stillness of death, silence reverberating,
Darkness ruled and the winds kept wailing..
It was a trap, a devil’s snare;
A mystery hole, a demon’s lair-
Where sly laughing shadows of sins did loom
Drawing her, charming her to her doom.
The brambles and thorns bruised her face,
Lost and alone, she felt the terror of that place;
She cried out loud, she wanted to flee
In her frenzy of hopelessness she fell on her knee
Pleading and praying for that guiding light
But alas! The demons then blocked her sight.
Shrouded her with their gloom and sin
And see! None of the Gods came to save their kin
From that pain, that death, that unbearable misery,
The silent onlookers of her death penalty.
She lay there breathing, her heart still beating
A battered dark remnant of a once beautiful being.
Still hoping that her savior would come one day
Heal her, embrace her, show her the way.
Her ugly remains burnt in agony
As she felt life retreating slowly.
She reached out for the nothingness in the air..
But for her, the Gods had no more to spare
The tears came in a despairing flow
She lay there aghast, in the wilderness of her woe-
Waiting for those sunlit hours
Waiting for those purifying showers
Desperate to leave the darkness behind
And to breath in and embrace again life’s sunshine.