Friday, November 28, 2014

Lucifer Lost

I say, have you seen my cat Lucifer around?
She is never late, annoyingly  too time bound

I tell myself I don’t like your piggy eyes
They dart about, windows to your soul of ice
I know, I am sure, I sent Lucifer to you
As I saw you alone on your porch, weak and blue
Lucifer could cheer up zombies, did you know
I was sure, she would get you out of your low.
And now I search for her everywhere
In the streets, greener fields and those too bare
Don’t you tell me, she would be back eventually
Who knows if she is hurt, or dying in a dark alley
You've had your fill, I scowl and say
And now, of course you wouldn't care.
She is afraid of the dark, of the voices in the wild
A heart of gold, a soul so mild
Didn't you laugh when she rolled over and back?
And made you smile as she toppled on the books’ stack
Did you fondle her fur of satin, the blacks of midnight?
And tap her pink nose, as you held her tight.
Look at you now, happy and singing all the tunes
Your voice makes me want to scream and run to the dunes
Do you not care, she was here a while before?
What if she never comes back anymore?
Alone and hurt, in the darkest of lands
No footprints of hers left on my garden sands
People chasing her away, as she hunts for dead mice
I sigh, and think, couldn't just some of them be nice?
I look at you and my heart writhes in rage
Foolish you, I know you never had the courage
You would lose her, maim her or worse
Not even care, although she did but nurse
Your evil, your tears, your horrid dreams
And even shared with you her cookie and cream
Have her heart torn out if you wanted it ever
Made you smile at her tricks so clever
And now, I search the high and low
“Lucifer! Lucifer!” I bellow
I cry as no one would bring her back home
I wouldn't see her gleeful, chasing the gnomes
Or purring near my feet, content with her meal
And playing with my paints, the reds and the teal
In those night like corners, her eyes would dim
Slave to the fear, the devil’s whim.
Broken bones, and the lost smile
Would she be looking for me all this while?
How could you lose her, when you swore?
That the joy she gave lessened the burden you bore
That her pink nose would glow when you laughed
That she would jump for you and try to catch the draft
That you would hold her close and fill in your love

Sigh! All she did was never really enough
For you, your love or your selfish heart
And now, driven away, as she was done with her part
A stray cat somewhere, hurt and angry
Hated by people, loveless and hungry
Would she hit back, scratch and spit?
Would she weep silently, on her destiny’s writ?
I shed a tear, as I know for sure that I have lost
The tiny beacon of bliss, the winds of the coast
I still look for her in the high and the low,
Singing about the cruel, breathing seconds of her lore.
No, as the night comes, she wouldn't
be home
Buried in bones, lost in the loam
Whisper to the air, of the spirit she had
Of the fate of men, in her mewling ballad
Know that the sounds would haunt your sleep
Breach the locked doors of your safe keep
Though you may escape from the gallows of men
That song would seek you, find you and when
You cover your eyes, and block out the tears
The pink nose would grin, clap and roll and cheer
To say, “Here’s to you, my friend!”